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COMPADRE is a 43ft bridge-deck cruiser designed and built by Stephens Brothers in Stockton California. The late 1920s was a time of great prosperity in the U.S., and COMPADRE is a fine example of the many beautiful yachts produced during that era.

COMPADRE is her original name. Originally powered by twin Lathrop Mystic gasoline engines, and later by Chrysler Crowns, she was recently re-powered with new 80-Hp Yanmar diesels. She cruises easily at 9 knots, and with comfortable accomodations for 4 people, she is ideally suited for the sheltered waters of the Pacific Northwest. COMPADRE'S home port is Bainbridge Island, Washington, on Puget Sound just west of Seattle. She is an active member of the Classic Yacht Association, and you will see her at many CYA events here in the Northwest.

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You can also learn about practical aspects of classic-yacht ownership and share in Compadre's cruising adventures by following our Classic COMPADRE blog.