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Galley looking to port


The galley is immediately forward of the wheelhouse. It features a modern propane stove and electric refrigeration, yet retains the feel of an earlier time. A few small additions were made recently, such as the wine-glass rack and mug holder above the icebox, but most of the original cabinetry is intact.

boat galley picture

Galley looking to starboard

Storage cabinets and the refrigerator are to port as you descend from the bridge cabin. Inside the icebox, with its old original hardward, is a modern cold-plate refrigeration unit. To starboard are the sink and stove. The stainless steel countertops, although not true to the period, are very practical and not overly modern looking.

Interestingly, COMPADRE'S construction contract specified a 2-burner "protane" stove. Was this the predecessor of today's propane stove? If so, this must have been quite a modern feature in 1929. It is also interesting to note that the galley was extremely well equiped when delivered. Included as standard equipment were a complete set of dishes for six, silverware, pots and pans, glassware, and a variety of utensils. The new owners literally could depart for a cruise on delivery day, provided they stopped on the way to pick up some groceries!

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